Okay, so like a good A.D.Dien I find I don't know where to start. Typically, I would start at the end, get to the point and get the details later but I'm not reading a letter. So, at the beginning? Nah, that's boring. Okay, well then let me start by telling you why I chose to write this blog. There are websites that tell you what A.D.D. is and tell you what you can do to treat it. This is not one of those. I am writing to share my experience living with A.D.D., the struggles and the triumphs. Okay, that's out of the way. I hope that even though I am initially embarking on this journey alone that I will find some company along the way. And don't worry. I will keep my posts short. I know my audience well and how fleeting our attention can be.


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