I am turning our former office into a playroom for my daughters.  As soon as the ideas started coming I started to develop them.  That's how my mind works.  I'm kinda handy with I brush and decided to make a mural.  I have to paint all the walls first which frustrates me because I want to do all the fun stuff now.  I have several projects in mind for that room.  So far one is done and up on the wall even though I haven't painted yet.  I can take it down later.  At least it's done.  That's an achievement for me.  My creative wheels are turning, and I like it!

This morning we were getting ready to go visit a vineyard in Dobson. My toddler was dressed and ready to go, and I was running around getting everything ready while our baby took a nap. Every so often someone would ask me, "What about the baby?" and I would reply that I was waiting to finish to get her ready and that she was still napping, etc. What troubled me though was that they kept asking, and it made me think. Could I be so absentminded as to get everything ready, grab everything and leave my baby behind? I have to say that the thought scared me...a lot.

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